VEMURI Hema Keertana wins OFS Chess Championship 2017


On Monday, May 8, VEMURI Hema Keertana (Grade 5 – ES Champion) and GEORGE Aryan Abraham (Grade 8 – MS&HS Champion) played a rapid game on the big board (Atrium).


IMG_3644 IMG_3641


After around 30 minutes, Keertana managed to win a very interesting endgame position and the title of OFS Chess Champion, for 2017.

Congratulations to both students.


Vasileios Parginos




2nd ES Family Team Tournament 2017



41 Teams of two players each, one student and one adult , joined the 2nd Family Team Tournament 2017, on Saturday May 6. The 5-round “rapid” tournament lasted around 3.5 hours and participants enjoyed a lot of exciting games, especially between adults.




Best Results:

1. Vemuri Family (Keertana – grade 5 and father, Mr Arun) 5/5 points

2. Sakthivel Family (Heamish – grade 2 and father, Mr Shanmugam) 4.5/5 points

3. Vijayakumar Family (Shakti – grade 5 and father, Mr Radhakrishnan ) 4/5 points

4. Agarwal Family (Manan – grade 4 and father, Mr Vishal) 4/5 points


More photos from this event have been added to the chess photo gallery.


Vasileios Parginos




Tournament News


 • OFS student Heamish Kanha Sakthivel (grade 2) won 1st place in the category 8 years old, in the Serangoon Garden Country Club TCA Junior Chess 2017 tournament, which was held on Friday, April 14, in Serangoon.

Heamish was the only one of the 57 participants who won all 7 rounds.




• Congratulations also to Arya Shah (grade 8), Khushi Choksi (grade 6) and Hema Keertana Vemuri (grade 5) for their good performance in the 17th Bangkok Chess Club Open International Tournament, which took place between 8-16 April, in Thailand.

They won, respectively, 65, 64 and 37 FIDE rating points.


Vasileios Parginos




2nd ES Family Team Tournament 2017



Saturday, May 6, 09.00 – 13.00 (approx.), Chess Room.



Teams composition: 1 OFS student and 1 family member (adult, not necessarily guardian).

Match example: Family A – Family B: Student A vs Student B (board 1), Adult A vs Adult B (board 2).

System: 5 or 6-round Swiss.

Registration: In the Chess Room, until Wednesday, May 3.


Vasileios Parginos




2nd ES Students vs Teachers Match 2017


Twenty ES teachers played against selected students on Thursday, March 30, during lunch break. Students won 18-2.



(photo: Rikka Mitsuyama vs Mr Tapley)




GAGNEJA Rayaan (grade 1) – Ms Askin

VARMA Reyansh (grade 2) – Mr Lecours

NERLEKAR Madhav (grade 2) – Ms Pandya

MITSUYAMA Rikka (grade 2) – Mr Tapley

HAN Billy (grade 2) – Ms Gergely

KARANAM Sri (grade 2) – Ms Ward

NEEL Arjun (grade 3) – Mr Ainscough

GUPTA Mihika (grade 3) – Ms Loynes

BHATTACHARYA Ronit (grade 3) – Ms Kara Parginos

PATNAIK Kottaki Vahein (grade 4) – Mr Askin

SRINIVASAN Vinay (grade 4) – Mr Groufsky

GUPTA Siddhant (grade 4) – Mr Kemmet

AGARWAL Raunak (grade 4) – Mr Ferguson

KHARSANI Prioska (grade 4) – Mr Cahill

SARKAR Aditya (grade 4) – Mr Gilbert

GOWDA Kushagr (grade 5) – Mr Parginos

BALAN Aditya (grade 5) – Mr Fiddymont

PATABALLA Shruti (grade 5) – Ms Panthakee

LIM Gun (grade 4) – Mr Horchner

ARNOKOUROS Jan (grade 5) – Mr Calais

VENKATSH Abhinav (grade 5) – Ms Kemmet


More photos from this event have been added to our photo gallery.


Vasileios Parginos




69th National School Individual Chess Championships 2017


Around 1200 students (41 from OFS) participated in the 69th National School Individual Chess Championships 2017, which took place on Tuesday and Wednesday, March 21-22, at “Our Tampines Hub”.




The following OFS students were awarded with medals for their performance in the tournament:


Lower Junior Boys

Sakthivel Heamish Kanha, 6/8 points (forfeited in round 1)


Junior Boys

Shah Arsh, 6.5/9 points

Mucharla Krishna Chaitanya, 6/9 points

Sarkar Aditya, 6/9 points


Senior Boys

Nerlekar Ashwath Dinesh, 7/9 points


C Division Boys

Shah Arya, 6.5/9 points

George Aryan Abraham, 5/9 points


A Division Boys

Gulpinar Ahmet Borahan, 3/9 points


Lower Junior Girls

Mitsuyama Rikka, 5/9 points

Motwani Akanksha, 3/9 points


Junior Girls

Kharsani Prioska Sachin, 5/9 points

Vijayakumar Sadhwi, 4/9 points

Nishandar Saachi Nitin, 4/9 points

Pingali Veda, 3.5/9 points


Senior Girls

Choksi Khushi, 7/9 points

Vemuri Hema Keertana, 6/9 points

Vijayakumar Shakti, 5/9 points

Motwani Anika, 4.5/9 points


C Division Girls

Gupta Anya, 4.5/9 points


Congratulations to all our students who participated in the championships.


Vasileios Parginos





A Simultaneous Chess Display between 5 times World Chess Champion Viswanathan Anand and 50 School Students



Saturday, 11 March 2017

Auditorium – 9:00 am.

81 Pasir Ris Heights, Singapore 519292


Simultaneous Display with 50 School Students
- 25 OFS students
- 20 non-OFS school students (draw on the day of the event)
- 5 students selected by the Singapore Chess Federation


Closing date for registration: Thusday, 9 March 2017




9:00 am. Arrival of Visitors
9:30 am. Welcome Speeches
10:00 am. – 12:00 noon Autograph Signing for all Visitors – Photos
12:00 noon Lunch Break (School cafeteria will be open)
1:00 pm. Press Meeting – Draw for the Simultaneous Display
1:30 pm. – 5:00 pm. Simultaneous Display


Admission Fees

  • Non-OFS school students: S$40* (no fee for up to 2 parents or accompanying teachers)
  • Adults >18 without accompanying children: S$40*
  • OFS students: S$20* (no fee for accompanying parents/guardians)
  • For registration details, please download the Registration Form on the right

*Inclusive of GST.


Please download the Brochure
and Registration Form Below












OFS Chess Programme presented in London Chess Conference 




Londonpic1The Overseas Family School Chess Programme was presented in the London Chess Conference “The Didactics of Chess”, which took place at the Hilton Kensington Olympia, between 10-12 December 2016. Our Chess teacher/coach Vasileios Parginos was a Plenary Speaker and also a workshop presenter at the Conference. He outlined the successful OFS Chess Project to 140 delegates from 28 countries, who showed considerable interest in the OFS commitment to Chess in Education. 


londonpic2This London Chess Conference is recognized as the leading global event dealing with all aspects of chess in education. Amongst the contributors attracted to London each year, there are leading chess education practitioners and researchers, academics working in the field, educational software authors, executives of non-profit chess organisations, journalists, authors, teachers, headteachers, politicians and others. The conference is supported by Chess in Schools and Communities as part of its educational mission and sponsored by the European Chess Union.


Vasileios Parginos



132 students in the OFS Elementary Chess Championship 2016



ES-Chest-Tournament-2016-10132 OFS students participated in the Elementary Chess Championship 2016 on Saturday, December 3. The tournament took place in the Auditorium and lasted 5 hours.




GROUP A (3-4-5)

1. Hema Vemuri Keertana (grade 5) – Elementary School Champion 2016

2. Singh Kabir (grade 5)

3. Heamish Kanha Sakthivel (grade 2)


GROUB B (1-2)

1. Mucharla Krishna Karthik (grade 1) – Elementary School Champion 2016 (Juniors)

2. Gagneja Rayaan (grade 1)

3. Vijayakumar Sadhwi (grade 2)



Grade 5: 1. Vemuri Hema Keertana 2. Singh Kabir 3. Vijayakumar Shakti

Grade 4: 1. Shah Arsh 2. Agrawal Manan 3. Srinivasan Vinay 1st Girl – Kharsani Prioska Sachin

Grade 3: 1. Mucharla Krishna Chaitanya 2. Bhandari Neel Arjun 3. Nishandar Saachi Nitin

Grade 2: 1. Vijayakumar Sadhwi 2. Le Minh 3. Dell Jack Benjamin

Grade 1: 1. Mucharla Krishna Karthik 2. Gagneja Rayaan 3. Cohen Noam 1st Girl – Sinha Anwita Anuj


More photos from this tournament have been added to the chess photo gallery.


Vasileios Parginos




2nd place in the National Championships 2016 for OFS 5th-grader Hema Keertana Vemuri




The first 10 in the final standings (Keertana is 2nd from right) Congratulations Keertana.

Hema Keertana Vemuri won 2nd place in the 33rd Age-Group Chess Championships 2016, in the category Girls U10.

She achieved a fantastic score of 6.5 points in an 8-round FIDE rated tournament that lasted 4 days.


Vasileios Parginos 



OFS Middle & High School Chess Championship 2016 – Winners


MS-HS 2016 winners26 students participated in the tournament that took place on Saturday, November 12.

George Aryan (grade 8) won first place with 5 wins out of 5 games, while Sinha Aryan (grade 6), Brieta Tristan (grade 8), Patharkar Ved (grade 6) and Pataballa Aneesh (grade 7) shared 2-5 places with 4 wins.  

Congratulations to all our participants.

More photos from this tournament have been added to the chess photo gallery.

Vasileios Parginos




OFS Elementary School Tournament 2016

Saturday, December 3, 09.00 – 14.00

OFS Auditorium


Categories: Group A (Grades 3-4-5) and Group B (Grades 1-2). Students of Group B may choose to play in Group A instead.

Time Control: 15 minutes for each player.

System-Rounds: Swiss, 6 or more rounds depending on the number of participants.

Winners: Winner of Group A: School Champion. Winner of Group B: School Champion (Juniors). Winner of each Grade: Grade Champion.

The first 10 in the final standings of Group B, will be invited to join the after-school coaching class for selected students “The Knights”, which will run in the 2nd semester on Thursdays, 15.30-17.00.

Registration: In the Chess Room, until Tuesday, November 29.


Certificates will be given to all participants.


Vasileios Parginos





OFS Middle and High School Chess Championship 2016

Saturday, November 12, 09.00-13.30 

OFS Chess Room


Categories: One group for all participants.

Time Control: 15 minutes for each player.

System-Rounds: Swiss, 5 or more rounds depending on the number of participants.

Registration: In the Chess Room, until Tuesday, November 8. 


Certificates will be given to all participants.


Vasileios Parginos


2nd place in Singapore for the OFS Girls Team




OFS Girls Under 11 Team won 2nd place in the 57th National Inter-School Team Championships, which took place in the Northlands School, on September 6th and 7th.
A good and promising performance by the OFS Boys Under 9 team too, which finished in 7th place in the country.

Congratulations to all our team members.

More photos from this tournament have been added to the chess photo gallery.


Vasileios Parginos