Global Families

A wonderfully diverse community of families.

Students gain a real multicultural experience with a community of students from over 70 nations.

While some parents believe their children are better suited to learning in a homogenous environment - sitting side by side with classmates of their own nationality - others report many benefits for their child from learning in a truly international classroom. Overseas Family School provides such a rich international experience for its families.

A multinational student mix means no majority culture or nationality dominates the school, and therefore no student needs to feel part of a minority group. In this environment, students naturally overcome any biased attitudes to other cultures, developing individual feelings of self-worth and self-respect. Shared academic experiences, language interaction, group cooperation, and new international friendships mean students learn how to network and relate with worldwide cultures.

Students exposed to many different cultures in an educational setting show greater adaptability to human diversity, a natural openness for new relationships and hobbies, and the ability to be more effective problem solvers.

This greater perception of human diversity and healthy social understanding and interaction, provides an important preparation for life in the twenty-first century.


“To maintain a "worldwide family" approach at school and help students to overcome any biased attitudes towards other cultures.”


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