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The Elementary School is a vibrant learning environment, with approximately 750 students from around 70 countries and a teaching staff of around 90. This diversity in our student and teacher population makes OFS a truly international school. Students engage in a wide range of inquiry-based activities that draw on their different cultures, backgrounds and life experiences. This makes their learning genuine, relevant and engaging.

Each student is assigned to a homebase class, where they receive instruction in Language Arts, Reading, Mathematics, Science and the IPC Units of Work. Specialist teachers provide instruction for Art, Music, PE, Mathematics/Coding, Chess and Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Students also choose to study one of six Foreign Languages, including French, German, Hindi, Japanese (Grade 5 only), Mandarin and Spanish; or one of our 14 Mother Tongue Languages. For students new to English, our Study Preparation Program (SPP) allows them to learn English, while maintaining their progress in other subjects.

During the 2019-2020 academic year, our students have a wide range of activities to be involved in. Students can choose from a long list of after-school activities, including many competitive sports, sports for fun, dance, drama, music, games, crafts and our Enrichment Program. Our Junior Student Council (JSC) gives Grade 5 elected representatives an opportunity to develop their leadership skills, pursue student initiatives and be positive role models on campus. In Grade 4 and 5, our integrated Model United Nations (MUN) units give our students tremendous experience in debating and public speaking.

There are also many special events planned, including UN celebrations, MUN conferences, Sports Days, Book Week, Grade 5 Expo, Art Exhibitions, Global Concerts, Holiday Concerts, Musical Soirée and this year's musical performance of "The Little Mermaid".

OFS has a wonderful sense of community and we welcome parents onto campus at any time, to take part in school activities and share in the learning experiences of your children. Parents have a crucial role to play in the education of their children. We value a parent-school partnership and invite all parents to join us as partners in this exciting learning process. In this open partnership, we see parents as the senior partner in having the final say in decisions affecting their own child's learning. We look forward to you joining the OFS community.

Ian Horchner
Elementary School Principal

Course Information

Overseas Family School (Elementary) offers the International Primary Curriculum to students from Grade 1 to Grade 5.

The International Primary Curriculum at Overseas Family School is a comprehensive curriculum for students 6-11 years old, made up of many exciting, engaging and globally relevant thematic IPC Units of Work, designed around a clear process of learning.

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A female OFS Elementary School student using a computer while two other students watch from behind
OFS Elementary School students playing chess against each other in the OFS Chess room
A female OFS Elementary School student giving speech in the classroom during OFS Primary Years Model United Nations (PY-MUNOFS)

Events and Activities

The Elementary School students celebrate our cultural diversity with various events such as the UN Day celebrations and Global Concerts.

Club and sport activities allow students to engage in their area of interests.

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OFS Elementary School students performing on stage in auditorium during Holiday Concert

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If you have any questions regarding our Elementary School, or if you want to request information mailed to you, we'll be more than happy to help.

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Ian Horchner
Elementary School Principal