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26 November - 12 December 2018
ES Sports Morning - Semester 1 2018
Elementary school students had a chance to showcase the skills they learned this semester during their sports mornings. Grades 1 and 2 sports morning focused on cooperative games and Athletic events including relays and long jump. Grade 3 students played invasion and target games. Grade 4 students played invasion games and the Grade 5s participated in a mini-Olympics. Students had fun in the hot sun as they joined in the events and tried to achieve their personal bests alongside their friends. Children practiced the Personal Goals by playing cooperatively, communicating with teammates and showing respect for one another.
29 October - 2 November 2018
Grade 7 Camp
The Grade 7 Camp in Sentosa took place during the week of October 29th to November 2nd. The atmosphere among the students was positive and encouraging as they participated in the range of activities on offer. The students had to work well as a team in their dragon boating and their team building exercises. They had to utilise effective communication, leadership, decision making and empathy as they participated in activities like the ‘Incredible Race’ and ‘Blind Man’s Trail’. The students also climbed the 35 metre tall ‘Hourglass’ which certainly tested their courage. One of the highlights was a visit to an Elderly Care Home where the students interacted with the residents and performed songs and dances for them, much to their appreciation. Overall, the Grade 7s showed great courage and camaraderie during their time together.
12 December 2018
KD Holiday Party 2018
"Thank You" to all the parents who came along to our Christmas caroling event to celebrate the end of the first semester and the December holidays. Dressed in their favourite party clothes, the children entertained their parents and our special guest, Santa Claus, with a medley of Christmas songs.
7 December 2018
HS UN Concert 2018
From 5.45pm, parents, students and teachers enjoyed tasting delicious food from all over the world. Organized by students from each country represented in the HS, with a lot of help from home, we had tables laden with specialties throughout the atrium.
14-15 November 2018
ES Grade 5 MUN
Model United Nations (MUN), is a simulation in which students learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations. MUN is now fully embedded into the Grade Five program in the Elementary School.
13 November 2018
16U Touch Rugby Girls
Thank you to Dunman High School for coming out to add flavour to the largely internal tournament we hosted to help prepare our girls Touch teams for the prestigious Pan Pacific Touch tournament held at SAS.
12 November 2018
19U Girls Basketball League
While the 19U girls team did face face stiff competition in the Lion's cup, the experience did do the team well for 16U fixtures that were to follow. Exciting news for a team that can remain largely intact for the following seasons. The 19U boys did a fantastic job to take second to a very strong Meridian Junior College team.
8 November 2018
16U Basketball League Final
What a way to end the OFS 16U Boys Basketball Invitational! In the dying seconds of the final Chi Tek Lam nailed 2/2 free throw to topple ACS Barker by a single point. A fantastic 6-team round-robin competition during October and November. These 16U Boys repeated the feat they achieved last year.
7 November 2018
Rugby Boys OFS vs ACS Barker
With many students new to the sport joining this semester, a friendly rugby exchange with ACS Barker was a great way to expose them to competition. While ACS had size and power on their side, our lads showed a high level of skill and a great turn of speed to hold their own against the more experienced team.
5 November 2018
Kindergarten Deepavali Celebration 2018
On Monday, 5 November 2018, we celebrated Deepavali (or Diwali), in the Kindergarten. Our sincere thanks to the wonderful parents who volunteered their time to help make the Kindergarten Deepavali celebration a rich and memorable experience for the children. The short video clip, dance and displays set up by the parent volunteers, gave the children an opportunity to explore Indian culture and learn about the significance of the "Festival of Lights". The children had a fantastic time, dancing to a Happy Diwali song, making rangoli patterns and getting their hands decorated with mehndi and tattoo.
2-4 November 2018
Model United Nations at Overseas Family School (MUNOFS) is regarded as a top quality conference, and this year MUNOFS XI will be remembered as superb, providing excellent experiences for all participants.
22-26 October 2018
MS Languages' Week
In preparation for Languages' Week a poster competition was launched in Quarter 1 for students to advertise the event in the language they are studying and to reflect on why we celebrate Languages' Week. All completed posters decorate the Language Acquisition floor (Level 5, S-Block) and classrooms of the Middle School.
18 October 2018
High School Football Match
To prepare for upcoming invitational tournaments, the 16U and 19U boys were grouped into teams for this intramural competition 10 minutes games with 10 minutes rest between each match gave students time to shine in front of the coaches as well as take a deserved drinks break.
18 October 2018
High School Singles Badminton Carnival
With around 100 students from grades 9 and 10 registered for badminton this semester, it is a huge undertaking to run an internal carnival. We gave it a good go and students can look forward to more permanent badminton lines in semester 2.
5 October 2018
Kindergarten UN Concert 2018
Many different celebrations are planned in the Kindergarten throughout the academic year. The United Nations (UN) Day celebration celebrating our diverse cultures in OFS, is one of our favourites.
4 October 2018
Middle School UN Concert 2018
The Middle School United Nations Concert aims to develop intercultural awareness amongst the students. All Middle School students and staff are involved in this event.
3 October 2018
19U Football Girls OFS vs GESS
Many thanks to GESS for coming out to Pasir Ris for this early season friendly. Rather than halves, the coaches decide to play 20 minute thirds which allowed teams a greater opportunity to use the match as a coaching and learning opportunity. These girls go on to a Invitational Tournament at Australian International School Singapore.
2 October 2018
Elementary School UN Celebration 2018
On Tuesday the 2nd of October the Elementary School celebrated United Nations Day. The students looked vibrant in a sea of colours representing countries and cultures from all over the world. The students wore traditional costumes as well as modern outfits including their favourite national sports teams. UN Day is one of the many opportunities we have throughout the year to embrace and celebrate the cultural diversity at our school. The students led the way as they showed curiosity and interest through our activities and parades during the day.
27 September 2018
11U Basketball Invitational
It was non stop action for 2 hours on 5 courts for the 11U girls and boys OFS basketball invitational this semester. It's always a wonderful opportunity to welcome both local and International school to our Pasir Ris campus in a celebration of sports, having fun and keeping fit. At the end of the day, there were winners and special congratulations must go to GESS boys and the Bedok Green Elementary girls for winning their respective competitions.
27 September 2018
Kindergarten K2 Superheroes Parade
The K2 children have been learning about superheroes and real-life heroes, and how they too can be a hero. Towards the end of the unit, the children were especially enthusiastic about designing and making their own superhero costumes.
27 September 2018
Elementary School Lunchtime Concert
On Tuesday the 27th of September our students performed in the first of three lunchtime concerts during the year. Getting up on stage and playing in front of a student, parent and teacher audience of over a hundred people can be nervous experience. Well you wouldn't know it with our lunchtime concert performers. They played, sang and danced their way through the lunch break in our Auditorium with such confidence, they looked like seasoned performers.
21 September 2018
Kindergarten Police Talk
K2 children were very lucky to have some important visitors from Pasir Ris Neighbourhood Police Centre (NPC) visiting them in school recently. The friendly neighbourhood Community Police Officers taught the children what number to "ring" in case of an emergency and discussed with the children what makes a good citizen.
14 August 2018
Middle School Team Building Games
At the beginning of the school year, there is always a lot enthusiasm but also apprehension due to the fact that the students may not know each other well in their new classes. The team building exercises in the first week are a wonderful opportunity for the Homebases to strengthen their unity and have fun while doing so. They are involved in a range of activities which challenge their problem solving skills and lead them to join forces to maximise their potential. Overall, it makes for an exciting first week of school.