Our Schools
Our Schools

The Master Policy of OFS is to maintain a happy, safe and effective school for overseas families living in Singapore.

OFS offers an international education to a multicultural student body from Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 12.

OFS curriculum is the International Early Years Curriculum, International Primary Curriculum, and Middle Years Program and Diploma Program at appropriate levels. The global curriculum meets the needs of multi-cultural students by promoting the development of basic skills, positive attitudes, critical thinking and inquiry-based learning. The school places an emphasis on high academic standards measured against the personal potential of each student. Appreciation and respect for cultural diversity are valued.

Administrators, teachers and parents cooperatively provide a supportive environment in which each student is encouraged to reach his/her highest academic potential. Active participation in the learning process and in community service projects inspires each student to become a lifelong learner and responsible world citizen who is prepared for the challenges of the future.

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The OFS Kindergarten is a happy and exciting place that encourages a love of learning through engaging and interactive experiences.

Our goal is to provide children with the best possible start to their school experience by delivering a quality Early Childhood program that meets the needs and interests of the children. We aim to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes, which lay the foundations for future learning.

Elementary School

The OFS Elementary School is a vibrant learning environment, with approximately 750 students from around seventy different countries and a teaching staff of over 90. This diversity in our student and teacher population makes OFS a truly international school. Students engage in a wide range of inquiry-based activities that draw on their different cultures, backgrounds and life experiences. This makes their learning genuine, relevant and engaging.

Middle School

The OFS Middle School is a place where we strive to excite and stimulate learning via a well balanced "OFS Student Experience".

Our goal in the Middle School is to provide a challenging and enriching learning environment for all students, treating all as individuals. There are many opportunities to get involved in a range of activities such as drama, music, art, sports and other cultural pursuits. Such involvement really enriches any student's experience.

High School

The High School has approximately 900 students and 100 teachers and administrators. OFS is an open entry school, where students and parents select the courses best suited to them. Our policy is that parents are the senior partner in these decisions. We encourage students to select the most challenging courses possible, including the full IB Diploma. Where this may not be appropriate for your child, individual IB courses are available.