Information for New Parents
New Parents

If you would like to meet new families from your home country, need help finding a product you miss from home, or would simply like to meet new friends for coffee then please use this contact list as a starting point.

New Parent Representatives


Parent Lounge

Welcome to the Parent Lounge. The lounge is located at Level 4 of the Administration Building. Here you can wait in comfort for your child. You can mingle among parents, have light refreshments or browse the Internet.

The Lounge is open Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 5:00pm.


Parent Association

About Parent Association
The OFS Parent Association (PA) is a volunteer body funded by the school. It marshals the energy of parent volunteers who come from different parts of the world and organise events such as the annual Global Picnic.

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Parent Association

About the OFS PA
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