ES UN Celebration 2018
Elementary School UN Celebration 2018
(2 October 2018)
Published on 3 October 2018

On Tuesday the 2nd of October the Elementary School celebrated United Nations Day. The students looked vibrant in a sea of colours representing countries and cultures from all over the world. The students wore traditional costumes as well as modern outfits including their favourite national sports teams. UN Day is one of the many opportunities we have throughout the year to embrace and celebrate the cultural diversity at our school. The students led the way as they showed curiosity and interest through our activities and parades during the day.

At our Grade 1 to 3 UN Day Parades our parents got into the spirit of the day as they also showed off their wonderful national costumes and colours and paraded to the beat of the music. Grade 4 parents ran workshops on arts and crafts, music, food, stories and traditions from a number of different countries. See the photos to get an idea of the various learning experiences our students had with the parents in charge. Grade 5 explored the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the students chose which activity they would like to participate in. It was a rewarding day with the whole Elementary School community.