MS Languages' Week
Middle School Languages' Week
(22-26 October 2018)
Published on 10 December 2018

In preparation for Languages' Week a poster competition was launched in Quarter 1 for students to advertise the event in the language they are studying and to reflect on why we celebrate Languages' Week. All completed posters decorate the Language Acquisition floor (Level 5, S-Block) and classrooms of the Middle School.

In Homebase each morning a different language was celebrated with facts about the country and culminated with a quiz on Friday.

On Wednesday lunchtime, the Languages' Week celebration was held in the auditorium. All students were invited to participate in different activities such as the art of tossing French crêpes, dressing up like a Spanish Flamenco dancer or a Mexican Chaparrito, using Chinese chopsticks, making Japanese origami, playing German Fussball and participating in Hindi games! The event culminated in dancing and singing to music videos which represented all the languages.

All students were invited to celebrate the linguistic and cultural diversity of OFS on the Friday for Multicultural/Language Dress Day and it was great to see the effort they put into preparing their outfits. They looked colourful and wonderful!

It was fantastic to see the students' appreciation of the different cultural and linguistic activities and displaying the Learner Profile attributes of being risk-takers, open minded and balanced.