MS Sports Day 2019
Middle School Sports Day
Published on 19 March 2019

Middle School sports day is an exciting and action packed event, which lasts for the full school day. Students will compete in their Homebase in a range of activities, including Basketball, Football and Water Polo. The aim of the day is for students to have fun and bond with their Homebase. Points are awarded for each match and teams can score extra points for showing good teamwork and sportsmanship; the Homebase with the most points in each Grade level will be the winners. It's great to see the Middle School students take on new challenges and learn how to work together as a team.

This year all grades took part in Football, Basketball and Water Polo during the Middle School Sports Day. It was a whole day event which saw students work together in their Homebase to compete to be crowned the winners. Students showed great enthusiasm and teamwork and should be very proud of their efforts. Some Homebase’s even designed their own T-shirts for the day and were very creative in their choice of team names.

The overall winners of the day were:

  • Grade 6: Boneless Pizza (6.03)
  • Grade 7: The Food Pandas (6 SPP 1 & 7 SPP123)
  • Grade 8: The Green Lanterns (8.01)