ES Musical 2019: HONK! Jr.
Elementary School Musical: HONK! Jr.
(5 & 6 March 2019)
Published on 14 March 2019

On the evenings of 5 and 6 March, the Elementary School proudly presented a theatrical production called HONK! Jr. It chronicles the tale of a duckling, Ugly, who hatches looking quite a bit different from his siblings. He sets off on a journey of self discovery and learns about true beauty and self acceptance. The cast of the show consisted of 160 Grade Four and Grade Five students; with rehearsals that started back in October 2018.

Our wonderful students performed over the two nights and showed tremendous confidence and energy. Both shows drew large crowds of parents and families, of well over 600. From the amazing costumes, colourful set designs and lighting and stellar performances from our students, it was a production not to be forgotten.

For OFS parents who are interested to purchase the video USB of the musical, please fill in and return this order form to Elementary School office by 22 March 2019.