Grade 5 Expo
Grade 5 Expo
(22 March 2019)
Published on 2 April 2019

On Friday 22nd March, students, teachers, parents and visitors attended the 2019 Grade 5 Expo. The Expo was developed through the IPC Unit of Work, The Holiday Show. It was a celebration of the students' elementary school experience, where they engaged in a collaborative, self-initiated enquiry, based on a travel destination of their choice. The main focus of their enquiry being sustainable tourism.

The Big Idea was: We will be finding out about our responsibilities as tourists, and the impact that our choice of holiday and travel destination can have on the human and physical environment.

Through the process students further developed their ability to; organise themselves and their group, research, build understanding, make a presentation and work together as a team to achieve their goals.

The Expo provided an authentic setting where students were provoked to think about the world they live in, the issues that confront us as a global community, and their role and responsibilities to themselves, others and the environment. We were proud of the confident and thoughtful presentations shared with the larger school community.