OFS Faculty

The teaching staff at OFS is as diverse as our student body, with teachers from countries all over the world. They represent a wide range of ages and related experience. Their energy and creativity is balanced by solid experience in both national and international school systems. All teachers are fully qualified and approved by Singapore Committee for Private Education. Our teachers' commitment to their students is renowned, with open and frequent communication between staff and parents being key to our students' success.

Academic Board
Chief Executive
WONG Lok Hiong Irene
High School Principal
BENTIN Suzanne Magdalen
Middle School Principal
LEE Kwok Tung Michael
Elementary School Principal
HORCHNER Ian Alexander
Kindergarten Principal
NGO Da-Khue
Examination Board
High School Principal
BENTIN Suzanne Magdalen
Deputy Principal & IB MYP/IGCSE Coordinator
BUCKLAND Nathalie Lilian Camille
IB DP Coordinator
RIORDAN Phillip James
Dean of Physical Advancement
Dean of Performing Arts
RAMOS Oliver
Dean of Study Preparation Program
WOLFF Clarence
Independent Assessment Unit
Head of Coding
LAU Julian
Academic Analyst