Middle Years Program
MYP in High School (Grade 9 and Grade 10)

Overseas Family School (High School) offers the IB Middle Years Program to students in Grade 9 and Grade 10.

The Middle Years Program (MYP) of International Baccalaureate (IB) is a 5-year course of study designed to meet the educational requirements of students in the 11-16 age range. At Overseas Family School (High School), students complete the last 2 years of MYP.

Overview of MYP at Overseas Family School

The Personal Project (Grade 10)

This is another unique characteristic of the MYP.

  • All mainstream students must do a Personal Project.
  • The Global Contexts and Approches to Learning (ATL) are central to its completion.
  • It is a significant body of work produced over several months, towards the end of the 5-year program.
  • Students may select their own topic or theme — one about which they are enthusiastic — and show commitment to the completion of their own project.
  • The project can take many forms, e.g. an original piece of art, a piece of literary fiction, an original Science experiment, an invention.

This is considered to be the culminating assessment of the program.

All students will receive an MYP Course Result from IB for their MYP Personal Project at the end of Grade 10.

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MYP Subjects at the High School

The IB has set the aims and objectives for 8 different Curriculum Areas. These are the MYP subjects taught in High School based on the Curriculum Areas:

Language and Literature
English G1/G2
International English G1/G2
Literature G1/G2
1st Language Chinese G1/G2
1st Language Japanese
1st Language Korean G1/G2
Language Acquisition
French G1/G2
German G1/G2
Mandarin G1/G2
Spanish G1/G2
Individuals and Societies
Business Studies G1/G2
Economics G1/G2
Geography G1/G2
History G1/G2
Humanities 9/10
Mathematics G1/G2
Physical and Health Education
Physical and Health Education 9/10
Coordinated Sciences G1/G2
Integrated Sciences 9/10
Visual Arts G1/G2
Dance 9/10
Drama 9/10
Music G1/G2
Music 9/10
Computer Applications 9/10
Information and Communication Technology G1/G2
Design Technology G1/G2
NOTE: Courses with G1/G2 = MYP + IGCSE
MYP Reporting and Assessment at OFS (High School)

For MYP purposes, teachers at OFS will assess student performance against IB prescribed assessment criteria for each curriculum area. These criteria assess the aims and objectives of the curriculum area.

At the end of each academic year in Grade 9 and Grade 10, students and parents may view an online OFS Statement of MYP Results, based on the development of skills in each MYP subject and showing the MYP level (0-8) for each criterion.

Within the OFS semester report cards, students will also receive a comment on their Approaches to Learning (ATLs).

MYP Fundamental Concepts
  • International-mindedness
  • Communication
  • Holistic learning