Intellectual Development Program
Intellectual Development Program

We take student intellectual development seriously and have a team continuously researching ways to enhance the intellectual development of all students, commencing in Kindergarten.

OFS Intellectual Development Program consists of Chess Program for K2 to Grade 5, and the Math Coding for Kindergarten to Grade 8.

Chess Program

Strategic thinking games promote intense intellectual focus. Research clearly supports the playing of games like Chess as boost to academic performance in all areas. All K2 to Grade 5 students have an hour per week of intense intellectual activity learning strategic games.

Participating in Chess is a compulsory element of the Elementary School curriculum and is part of the overall Intellectual Development Program at OFS.

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Math Coding

Learning to code from young age helps develop creativity, curiosity, persistence, critical thinking, foresight and logic. Learning basic Coding can improve problem solving skills and train the mind to follow programming logic and to think in a more analytical manner.

Coding develops mental discipline, promoting both sequential and structured thinking. There are numerous coding environments created specifically for young people and they provide a tremendous problem-solving environment for students. We teach coding for all students, from Kindergarten to Grade 8.

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