IT Help Desk

This helpdesk section is here to help you maximise the usage of the schools computing resources.

Faculty & Student IT Orientation
How to use components of the OFS application


General Orientation How IT at OFS, Forums, Resources, Homework & Assessment online
Instructional videos on the above, for students, parents and teachers.
File Server Access How to access your file server.
Access your community server from home or within the school.
Shared Folders How Shared Folders Work.
The details of 'Public', 'Personal', 'Web' and 'Group' folders.
Calendar Subscription How to subscribe to OFS calendar.
Instruction on how to keep yourself schedule updated automatically.
Adding Printer How to add printer
Instruction on how to add printer near your working place or faculties.


For Teacher

Adding File Resources Adding file resources to My OFS web application
Resources in the form of computer media files can be loaded into the My OFS web application and attached to classes for use by students.
Teacher FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
Teacher User Guide User Guide for My OFS web application