High School
Events and Activities
Field Trips

Many field trips take place around Singapore. These are in support of the curriculum for individual courses offered at the school.

Extracurricular and Community Service Activities

All students in the High School are expected to actively participate in both the school's extracurricular (ECA) and community service activities. Community service can be service to the local school community, the local Singapore community, or the larger global community.

Grades 9 and 10 students do this through the MYP Action Program and Full IB Diploma Grades 11 and 12 do this through the IB Creativity, Activity, and Service (CAS) program.

We believe that community service benefits students in many ways:

  • Develops a greater sense of social responsibility
  • Raises social, environmental, and global awareness
  • Strengthens interpersonal, leadership, and communication skills
  • Fosters team-building skills
  • Increases self-esteem
  • Reinforces community ties

The High School offers over 90 ECAs and Service Activities held on campus each semester. These include sports, music, hobby and curriculum based clubs. The school also provides many opportunities for student community involvement. Students regularly visit and sponsor activities at local charitable organizations. The school also provides opportunities for students to be personally involved in various overseas charities. The school makes annual visits to Cambodia helping to build houses for needy families, and engaging in programs with a local school.

Student Well-being

In the High School, there are a number of people working with and for student well-being: Homebase Teachers, Grade Level Coordinators, Academic Advisors, Student Welfare Office, Academic Planning Officer and Learning Support. Together we work to create a learning space where our students can be inquirers in a safe environment, work collaboratively with others knowing they can speak and be listened to, and develop their Approaches to Learning skills (ATL).

We have created a Homebase Program that is delivered to all students from Grade 9 through to 12, which focuses on mental, emotional, physical and social health awareness, as well as the IB ATLs. Students each receive a booklet, which documents their journey in High School.


Students have the choice to become involved in the After School Sports Program. Throughout the school year sports such as Rugby, Soccer, Basketball, Cricket, Netball, Volleyball, Touch Rugby and Softball will be offered, providing students with the chance to compete against other international and local schools.

Many of these events take place at the school, or students travel by bus to other venues. Sports Day is a highlight of the OFS Sporting Calendar.


There are considerable opportunities for any student who wishes to expand their musical involvement in the school. Regular groups include - the Singing Group, the Choir, the Chamber Group, the Instrumental Group and various rockbands.

At least two music concerts are held every year, and OFS students frequently perform at various venues and events around Singapore.


Drama productions take place during the year for interested students.

HS production of Aladdin The Musical Jr.

The Musical 'Aladdin Jr' was a huge undertaking, with many months of rehearsals occurring in various Musical ECAs: Leads, Chorus, Orchestra, Sets and Props, Costumes and Make-Up, Production Crew. From the very first ECA session right through to the final production five months later, the High School students showed their creativity, enthusiasm, dedication and talent across all the arts – music, dance, drama, visual art and design.The overall result was a spectacular and colorful display of acting, dancing, singing, orchestral work, lighting and sound. In short, a spectacular success!

United Nations Night
United Nations Night

This is the biggest night on the High School calendar and involves all students. This is the culmination of several weeks of intense preparation by students, parents and teachers.

It is a colourful manifestation of the cultures represented at Overseas Family School: the traditions, the dances, the music, the national costumes, the games and the food. Students proudly display their own culture or enjoy participating in a traditional dance or song from a different culture. This is appreciated every year by a large and enthusiastic audience.

High School Graduation
High School Graduation

At the end of every school year, our main graduation ceremony takes place. Grade 12 students don cap and gown to receive the High School Diploma, a U.S. accredited award. The event, livestreamed to extended families and friends around the world, sees the culmination of these senior students' life at High School. In our Auditorium, parents, brothers, sisters, and many grandparents enjoy this very special occasion, recognising their child's 'coming of age': the end of school years and the beginning of university and beyond.