Study Preparation Program
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SPP in High School

Goal of the Program

The Study Preparation Program (SPP) at OFS is designed to enable those students who enter the school without sufficient academic English skills to join and succeed in the mainstream classroom as quickly as possible.

There is no additional fee involved.

What is SPP?

Students prepare for mainstream courses taught in English through:

  • an intensive program of instruction with classes in:
    • English Writing
    • English Grammar
    • English Reading
    • English Communication
  • learning the language and concepts of academic subjects
    • SPP Humanities
    • SPP Mathematics
    • SPP Science
  • participation in Physical Education classes with mainstream students
  • participation in the Community Service and Extra-Curricular Activities of the school
  • gradual integration into mainstream classes in Level 3 (Mathematics and an elective course)

SPP is divided into three levels, Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced. Each level takes a semester to complete.

In Levels 1 and 2, all subjects are taught by SPP specialist teachers.

In Level 3, students join mainstream classes for Mathematics and they add an elective subject (e.g. Art, Drama, Dance or Music).


Students for whom English is not their first language will sit an entry placement test. Information from this evaluation will guide decisions as to the most suitable placement of the student.

Once in the program, ongoing assessment of all students takes place. At the end of each semester, teachers meet to discuss the progress of each student and make recommendations about the student's readiness for the next level.

If a student is recommended to exit the SPP and enter the mainstream, the Academic Advisors will use the assessment information to help the students select a suitable course of further study.

SPP Teaching Approaches

Language skills develop best through communication in classes and social situations inside and outside the classroom. In this way teachers, fellow students and family members all contribute to enhancing your child's acquisition of English. The staff encourage you to work together with us and to take an active role in the education of your child.