Study Preparation Program
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SPP in Elementary School

OFS offers students for whom English is not their first language, the Study Preparation Program (SPP). In this specialised learning environment, students feel safe, comfortable and free to experiment with English.

A main objective of SPP is to enable SPP students to join mainstream classes as quickly as possible, preferably at the same grade level as their non-SPP peers, so that they do not lose an academic year.

There is no additional fee involved.

How Does SPP Work?

The program has three levels:

Level 1 (Beginners)
Level 2 (Intermediate)
Level 3 (Advanced)

At Levels 1 and 2, besides attending regular classes, the students will undergo an intensive language acquisition program, conducted by specialised teachers trained to teach English for speakers of other languages.

When basic proficiency is reached, our students are moved to Level 3 where they join a regular homebase and participate in all regular classes. Students can elect to get extra support in English or continue with their mother tongue during the Language period.

During Mathematics, students will be taught by a Mathematics specialist.


Students for whom English is not their first language, learn and acquire English at an appropriate skill level.

In-school English assessments are conducted upon entry and at the end of each semester. Recommendations are then made on the placement of students.

SPP and Other Language Programs

Students in all SPP levels can join the Mother Tongue Program. It is encouraged that students maintain and develop their mother tongue whilst learning English.

Once exiting SPP and joining mainstream, students can join the Foreign Language Program or continue with their Mother Tongue Program. If parents wish their child to continue learning additional English, that is also an option.

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