Study Preparation Program
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SPP in Middle School

A main objective of Study Preparation Program (SPP) is to enable SPP students to join mainstream classes as quickly as possible, preferably at the same grade level as their non-SPP peers, so that they do not lose an academic year.

SPP offers students extensive English support, as well as the broad Middle School curriculum. The English classes are taught by SPP English specialist teachers who help students to develop their English language skills. At the same time, teachers from the other mainstream subjects help students practise and expand English while learning the Middle School curriculum.

There is no additional fee involved.

How Does SPP Work?

There are 3 levels in each grade:

Level 1 (Beginners)
Level 2 (Intermediate)
Level 3 (Advanced)

Students are grouped by grade levels, though there are also times when classes are combined.

The Curriculum

The program offers classes in a wide range of subjects — English, Science, Mathematics, Individuals and Societies, Physical Education, Art, Music, Design (Technology) and Drama. Level 3 students are integrated into mainstream Mathematics classes.

Student Placement and Promotion

New Students

New students are given a grammar, writing and oral placement test, which determines their language level.

Level Changes

Teachers meet at the end of each semester to decide if students are ready to move up a level or move into mainstream. This is based on assessments and teacher observations. Students who make rapid progress may also be promoted at other times.

Independent Assessment

Students also are tested twice a year using the The MAC II Test of English Language Proficiency.