Academic Objectives
1. To focus on the individual needs of every student and to provide a supportive atmosphere designed to help students achieve personal academic goals.

2. To sustain modern teaching policies and methods which give students positive attitudes to learning.

3. To maintain a "worldwide family" approach at school and help students to overcome any biased attitudes towards other cultures.

4. To work in open partnership with parents to prepare students for the changing world they will experience.

5. To cultivate flexible approaches to problem solving which help students develop original thinking skills.

6. To inspire each student to his or her potential level of achievement in a school where happy self-discipline and self-respect are guidelines for behaviour.


School-Wide Learner Outcomes:

OFS students will:

1. develop positive attitudes to learning and acquire significant knowledge and understanding appropriate to their learning readiness.

2. apply thinking and problem solving skills throughout the learning process and reflect constructively on strategies for improvement.

3. independently and cooperatively research and evaluate information using a variety of media, and use concepts, knowledge, skills and languages of various disciplines to research and understand current global issues, thereby gaining a sense of the interdependence of economic, political, technological, environmental and social systems worldwide.

4. effectively and confidently communicate their ideas through oral, written and electronic means.

5. learn to care for themselves physically, mentally and emotionally through understanding of health, social and cultural issues, seeing self-discipline and self-respect as guidelines for their behaviour.

6. extend self-respect to other individuals, communities and cultures, through awareness, caring, and service, seeing themselves as a part of a world-wide family and overcoming any biased attitudes towards other cultures.