A Parent's View

"After landing in Singapore, I started planning for admission of my children. I come from India, a country culturally rich with an emphasis towards traditional values and I was seeking a school where the concentration was more on overall development rather than burdening the child with studies alone. I admitted my daughter in grade 9 and my son in K2 at the Overseas Family School. In the experience of my first three months of my children's schooling, my daughter is happy by the method of teaching and the friendly behaviour of the teachers and other students at OFS. Instead of being loaded with books and a lot of homework, a more systematic approach is followed. The topics that my daughter has studied earlier are in fact, clearer to her now as the knowledge gained through understanding is more lasting than the one she gets from cramming the books. With this feedback from my children, I am satisfied in my decision in sending my children to OFS. After seeing my high level of satisfaction with the OFS education, two of my colleagues have also shifted their children to OFS."
N.N. Chaturvedi

"This is our third year as OFS parents. Unfortunately, we will be leaving Singapore in October and must withdraw our children from the school, but I would like to express our appreciation for the high quality of education our children have received. OFS is to be commended for establishing such high expectations from the teachers they employ, the ability to find such staff, and keep them on the faculty. Our children have both been given a strong foundation on which to continue to build their education. As expatriates, we will move many times in their school careers, and know that the experiences they have had at OFS have built a foundation for a love of learning and a positive attitude toward each new school for what it has to offer. "
L. Paskow, B.A.T, M.Ed.

"We would be remiss if we did not commend you and your staff on the excellent learning environment you have given our daughter this year. She has blossomed academically and been exposed to social and cultural experiences that she will never forget. and that, unfortunately, we doubt can be replicated at another school. We think very highly of OFS and will recommend it to anyone we know looking at schools in Singapore."
J. Deans

Students Speak

Elementary Impressions
"The amazing thing I remember is the first field trip I went on. It was the fish farm visit and going to see the Hewlett Packard Computer factory. I also remember when I first came to the Overseas Family School. I was very afraid to learn with students that I didn't know, but now I am not afraid anymore. My first journal entry was wishing about getting lots of friends and it really came true.
Yei Huan, Grade 5

"I'm from the Netherlands. This is my second year at OFS. It is a lot of fun. I learn about the importance of oceans, sea animals, drama, playing keyboards in music, and Singapore history, all in the same day. My favorite subject is PE. I'm best at soccer."
Bastiaan Slot, Grade 2

Middle School Impressions
"I've attended OFS for 5 years now. Humanities is my favorite subject. I appreciate all the different nationalities of students I'm in middle school with. It's a classroom experience I could not get back in schools in my hometown of Sweden. Because of the mixture of people from all over, there's no discrimination.."
Johanna Beureus, Grade 7

"I'm from India, and I've only been at OFS for 4 months. It wasn't hard adjusting to the new school because they assign every new student a helper. A helper is a classmate from the same grade who is in a lot of the same classes you have. They show you where everything is and introduce you to the rest of the students."
Sangeetha Daraiswamy, Grade 8

"Compared to my old school in Korea, I find OFS much better. I've been here for 1 year and three months and the teachers are friendlier and the projects we're assigned make learning different subjects like history and math fun. I'm taking a Japanese language class here because I want to be able to read Japanese comic books and plus, my mother thinks knowing Japanese will help me in the business world."
Yoon Ki Chang, Grade 8

High School Impressions
" I used to attend another private school with a huge student population, but I felt lost in the crowd. This school is smaller than a lot of the other private schools, and while the facilities are smaller, the students are a lot friendlier. It's like a community….everyone gets to know everyone. "
Roman, Grade 12

"Having the IB Diploma will make it easier for me to get accepted to colleges overseas and the rigorous program prepares you for university academics. They make college not such a large leap from high school."
Henni S., Grade 11

"I came to the Overseas Family School because they offered IB classes over A-levels. The teaching style is more relaxed; teachers are personally concerned with each student and they help you understand concepts, to get a grasp on the bigger picture. It's a different approach than the local schools I used to attend in Singapore. There they induce fear or stress in students and that doesn't work for me; with too much worry and work, nothing goes in my mind."
Erich L., Grade 12


A Parent's View
Student's Speak

"My daughter is happy by the method of teaching and the friendly behaviour of the teachers and other students at OFS..."

"OFS is to be commended for establishing such high expectations from the teachers they employ..."

"She has blossomed academically and been exposed to social and cultural experiences"